Plumbing Services

Our Plumbing Services

When it comes to plumbing, especially new home and residential volume plumbing, we have the runs on the board to provide the right solutions at the right price.


Our Services include:


Plumbing Services

  • Drainage/Water Meters
    Pre-slab sewer drainage, stormwater drainage, retention systems, drainage pit construction, basement drains, Aggi drains, subdivisions, boundary shaft renewals, Quality & Assurance Assessment & Report


  • Rough-in
    Water (including recycled), gas, solar panels, shower/bath hook ups, Quality & Assurance Assessment & Report


  • Lock Up
    Shower/baths hook ups, Quality & Assurance Assessment & Report


  • Down Pipes & Hookups
    Cut/fabricate downpipes and hang up, connect stormwater risers to downpipes, install finishing collars above hot water risers


  • Fit-Off
    Install WCs, basins, sinks, and trough, Install mixers, tapware, Quality & Assurance Assessment & Report


  • Handover
    Install appliances,Quality & Assurance Assessment & Report


  • CCTV drainage inspections with cleaning and repairing


  • Communication with water authorities


At Dynamic Plumbing Solutions we have camera equipment on-hand to accurately diagnose and locate damage or obstructions in sewer and storm water drains. This drain inspection report and footage of the inspection is an invaluable service for our clients.